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HEAD's Latest Range of Rackets including the Speed, Prestige, Radical, Extreme and Instinct are all available to order in a range of models and grip sizes. Drop us a call or email if you'd like to try the racket and see the available models that you can order.

Text/call MATT - 07561454563

Email - club@saxtennis.co.uk

    Adult Rackets in Stock

As well as our above top end range of rackets we also offer a range of standard rackets.



HEAD Instinct Team (265g) - £80 (down from £140)

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The addition of Graphene Touch material to the frame makes it more effective at absorbing shock, and vibrations are further reduced with the new grommets. Stability and power are enhanced with the improved cross-section shape of the frame which enlarges the sweet-spot of the racket. The effectiveness of these changes are noticeable immediately. Players can expect easy playability and ferocious power. The redesign is completed with a stunning new deep blue and navy decor.

HEAD Extreme Lite (265g) - £70 (down from £125)

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It might be lighter and easier to play than its big brothers, but the high-performance EXTREME LITE has all the extra benefits that make the EXTREME racquet series so unique. Perfect for a wide range of club players, its new dynamic frame is made for adding an extra spin to your stroke while the innovative Graphene Touch technology offers incredible touch and a solid dampened feel.

HEAD IG Challenge MP (275g) - £55 (down from £85)

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Offers ambitious club players a great combination of spin and power.

Lighter than the CHALLENGE PRO, it provides perfect maneuverability,

a big sweet spot as well as en entirely new color design update with matt finishes.

HEAD IG Challenge lite (260g) - £50 (down from £85)

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Aimed at intermediate level of expertise in the game, the Challenge LITE racket provides excellent spin potential, easy power generation and shot consistency, due to a larger sweet-spot established with an oversized 107in2 head. Available in blue or white

HEAD MX Spark Tour (275g) - £45 (down from £65)

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This racquet will make sure that your first steps on the tennis court won't

be your last. The pre-strung SPARK TOUR comes in an entirely new design

and has a slightly higher beam and provides more power than the PRO version.

Junior Rackets in stock

SPEED 26inch JR –                              £45 (usually £65)

RADICAL 21/23/25/26inch –              £25 (usually £30)

MARIA 21/23inch –                              £25 (usually £30)

NOVAK 21/23inch –                             £25 (usually £30)




Speed Jr

Radical Jr