HEAD's Latest Range of Rackets including the Speed, Radical, Extreme, Instinct, Prestige and Gravity are all available to order in a range of models and grip sizes. Drop us a call or email if you'd like to try the racket and see the available models that you can order.

Text/call MATT - 07561454563

Email - club@saxtennis.co.uk

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Adult Rackets

HEAD EXTREME - 3 models available;

Extreme Pro (310g) - £100

    Extreme S (280g) - £95 (See right)

 Extreme Team (255g) - £90  

Features the new Graphene360 technology which provides greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power, thus more ball speed as well as an extreme new design identity. Comfortable power is nicely complemented by loads of spin thanks to the 360 Spin Grommets, which allow for greater string movement and snapback. Ultimately, this racquet is a spin and power machine that will appeal to aggressive intermediate and advanced baseliners.

HEAD INSTINCT - 3 models available;

        Instinct MP (300g) - £100 (See left)

   Instinct Lite (270g) - £95

Instinct Team (260g) - £90

HEAD introduces the perfect combination of effortless power and easy playability. Designed to accelerate the ball even at lower swing speeds, the new INSTINCT racquet series is perfect for players who look for more power at an extremely high level of comfort.

The GRAPHENE 360 INSTINCT series' incredible playability comes from the specially designed cross-section which leads to a bigger sweet spot, thus effortless power. Recommended by Maria Sharapova, the INSTINCT racquets also feature the latest HEAD technologies such as the new GRAPHENE 360 technology which provides greater stability and optimized energy transfer for more power and ball speed.

HEAD PRESTIGE S (295g) - £100

See right

Graphene Touch technology reduces vibration while at the same time guarantees great ball precision. In comparison with other models, the Graphene Touch Prestige S with a weight of 295 g is a little lighter. As a result, it is easy to swing and you'll reach victory quickly. You also profit from the dynamic 16x19 string pattern. It gives your game not only the right spin but also stable power, which you need for your perfect match.

HEAD MicroGel Extreme (295g) - £85

See left

Features Head Microgel which is positioned between the carbon layers which on ball impact uniformly distributes the impact load around the frame circumference providing a rock solid feel and unique touch. 

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Lite (265g) - £80

See right

The Speed Lite gives you every advantage of the SPEED series in a light, easy to handle package

that if perfect for players of any level. Just like it's big brothers, it features the new Graphene

360 technology which provides greater stability and optimised energy transfer for more power.

HEAD MX Spark Tour (275g) - £65

See left

HEAD MX Spark Tour tennis racket features Head's Metallix technology to give this super light-weight racket added stability and consistency, making it the perfect choice for beginner or recreational tennis players.

HEAD MX Spark Elite (265g) - £45

See right

Perfect beginner's choice that improves accuracy and shot consistency with increased sweet spot established with a 102inch head. The racket generates power much easier yet it remains maneuverable and agile thanks to the light weight frame.


Junior Rackets in stock

RADICAL 21/23/25 inch –     £30

MARIA 19/21inch –                £25

NOVAK 19inch –                     £25


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