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Adult Rackets

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HEAD MX Spark Elite

  • £60.00

  • Blue

  • Weight - 265grams

  • Head size - 102inches

With its energetic design and large sweet-spot, the SPARK ELITE is perfect for new tennis players.


HEAD MX Spark Pro

  • £70.00

  • Black

  • Weight - 270grams

  • Head size - 100inches

Bring some new energy to the court with the SPARK PRO, which is easy for beginners to handle and manoeuvre.


HEAD MX Spark Tour

  • £80.00

  • Red

  • Weight - 275grams

  • Head size - 100inches

The TOUR is the most powerful model in the SPARK series. With its energetic design, you will be inspired and ready to make things happen on the tennis court.


HEAD Radical 27

  • £40.00

  • Red

  • Weight - 280grams

  • Head size - 102inches

Radical 27 is suitable for adult beginners and comes with specifications that make tennis easy to pick up and enjoy.


HEAD LITE Challenge

  • £100.00

  • Copper

  • Weight - 260grams

  • Head size - 107inches

Oversized with a bigger sweetspot, this racquet is designed for players who want to generate spin and power. A striking design and a full graphite construction, offering all-round playability and comfort.


HEAD Challenge MP

  • £110.00

  • Mint

  • Weight - 270grams

  • Head size - 100inches

Generate spin and power with the CHALLENGE MP, which is designed for ambitious recreational players.


HEAD Challenge PRO

  • £120.00

  • Mint

  • Weight - 295grams

  • Head size - 100inches

The perfect choice for competitive club players who need a heavier racquet on the court. With its eye-catching design and a combination of matt and glossy finishes, the PRO provides the perfect mix of power and control.


Dunlop NITRO 27

  • £35.00

  • Black

  • Weight - 276grams

  • Head size - 110inches

This aluminum racket is perfect for beginner adults or kids over the age of 13. Take the next steps in developing your game.

Dunlop ELITE 27

  • £50.00

  • Green

  • Weight - 270grams

  • Head size - 100inches

The entry-level ELITE is perfect for beginner adults or juniors looking for their first full-size racket. Welcome to the start of your tennis journey.

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