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Health and Safety on court

Concussion guidance for grassroots sport published


28 April 2023 

The UK Government and the Sport and Recreation Alliance today published the first UK-wide concussion guidelines for grassroots sport which will help players, coaches, parents, schools, national governing bodies and sports administrators to identify, manage and prevent the issue.

Concussion is a traumatic brain injury resulting in a disturbance of brain function. It can be caused by a direct blow to the head but can also occur when knocks to other parts of the body result in rapid movement of the head.


This can happen in any sport, and it is important that individuals participating in grassroots sport are aware of the symptoms and how to manage them.

The guidelines, developed by an expert panel of domestic and international clinicians and academics in neurology and sports medicine, set out steps to improve understanding and awareness of the prevention and treatment of concussion in grassroots sport where trained medical professionals are less likely to be routinely present.


The guidance is targeted at people of all ages. 

Read the guidelines (PDF) 


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