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I have known Matthew Last for several years and attend different tennis classes on a weekly basis where he makes us all feel welcome. I have also had individual coaching to help improve my technique and love of the game, He shows really passion and is an excellent coach.


Frances Paul, Chairwomen


After moving from West Yorkshire to Suffolk in 2021, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to find a quality tennis teacher in my new area. I took up tennis for the first time after I semi-retired in 2019 and had an excellent teacher for two years.


I needn’t have been worried! Matt Last, the tennis coach at Saxmundham Tennis Club, took me on when I joined in the summer of 2021, and I have been with him ever since.


Matt has helped me immeasurably. As a new ‘older’ tennis player, he has been successful in hard-wiring an array of tennis techniques and game-play strategies that I didn’t think would be possible.


His teaching approach is outstanding. His lessons are well-planned, methodical, well-targeted, and appropriately challenging so that clear progress is made at each lesson. He is able to analyse what is required to improve my playing quickly, and he sets clear and specific objectives.


Matt is very personable, and nothing seems to faze him. I have seen him take large groups of more than twenty youngsters at a time during extended tennis sessions at the club. He takes this in his stride and always quickly gains their trust, and activities begin with minimal fuss.


Matt Last has helped to make my tennis activities very enjoyable, meaningful, and fulfilling. A side effect of all of this is that it is keeping me fit too. I can’t thank him enough, and I highly recommend him as a teacher for anyone wanting to get more out of their tennis playing.


Lawrence Killian (25 April 2023)

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