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60-second interview with Jackie Quilley

Tell us a bit about your involvement with the club

I've been a member of Saxmundham for several years, as well as other clubs. During this time, I've been team captain of the ladies first team and winter Saturday league, and mixed.

The ladies first winter team is now in Division 2 and so is the weekend league, so we're pleased to have achieved this, and I thank all who have supported me over the years and made this possible.

Pictured: Jackie (right) and doubles partner Brenda (left) after their win in the Ipswich Ladies Doubles tournament.

What first attracted you to playing tennis?

I've always loved racquet sports and played lots of squash and badminton. I had never really played tennis, but took it up when I moved to Suffolk. As a club, Saxmundham was very friendly when I joined, and members were very patient whilst I was learning; I'm sure any new member would find it the same.

Tell us about a few of your tennis successes

Up until lockdown I had been running an indoor monthly winter ladies tournament for the LTA which was fun to organise and play in. I think all the participants enjoyed a good day of competitive but friendly tennis. I won an Ipswich Ladies Doubles competition at Ipswich Sports Club with Brenda Cowley and it was a lovely hot day, and we played on the astro.

What would you say to anyone who wants to improve their game?

The secret of tennis is to try and be consistent and it is not always about the big shots but more about being accurate. I'm sure Matt our coach has lots of drills to show one for improving consistency.

And finally, name three things you love about playing

I love being outdoors in the fresh air and even enjoy playing in the winter. It's good to meet likeminded, friendly people. And it helps fitness and is good for maintaining strength and agility as well as excellent for one’s mind and soul.

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