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A close encounter of the Bramford kind results in another win

Date: Thursday 25th May 2023

League: Ipswich and District summer league

Match: Saxmundham Ladies 2nd v Bramford Ladies 2nd team, away

Result: 5-4 win to Saxmundham

Match report by Ladies 2nd team captain, Nicole Hobson

The team, L-R: Nicole Hobson, Fiona Foreman, Wendy Martin, Fran Paul, Jill Sedge, Jennie Palmer

Just 24 hours after their victory in Stowmarket, the Ladies 2nd team hit the road again, for another evening away match, this time against Bramford near Ipswich.

The team was comprised of three pairings: Nicole and Wendy, Fiona and Jill, and Fran and Jennie.

Notably, Nicole and Fran were playing their second match in consecutive nights, showcasing their dedication to the sport. (...and indefatigable energy! - Ed.)

The evening unfolded as a tightly contested battle on the court, with both teams displaying their determination to secure victory. The opposition's captain played an active role in motivating her team, offering vocal encouragement throughout each match.

Nicole and Wendy faced a challenging evening, with two tie-breaks adding to the excitement. They managed to emerge victorious in one of the tie-breaks, ultimately securing two hard-fought sets. Nicole's forehand displayed a resurgence in form, delivering powerful and accurate shots. Wendy, as nimble as ever, showcased her proficiency in volleys and net play, contributing significantly to the team's success.

Fran and Jennie had a remarkable start to their match. They swiftly sailed through the first set while dropping minimal points. Jennie exhibited incredible agility, retrieving every ball, and swiftly manoeuvring around the court. Their dominant performance set a positive tone for the team.

Fiona and Jill encountered difficulties with the bright sun on their court, but their perseverance paid off as they clinched a crucial set. Fiona's extraordinary backhand slices once again proved to be a formidable weapon in their arsenal. Their hard-earned set not only added to the team's overall score but also provided a crucial lead over the opposition.

Throughout the match, the club's resident cat provided entertainment for players, adding a touch of charm to the evening.

Like everyone else, Bramford's spectator is also enthralled by Fiona's backhand slices

However, the absence of cakes or refreshments meant the team had to forgo the customary post-match treats before their long drive home. Nevertheless, the ladies displayed their resilience and enjoyed a memorable evening of tennis.

In conclusion, the Ladies 2nd team emerged victorious in a closely contested encounter against Bramford. Each pairing contributed their unique strengths and skills, showcasing their dedication to the sport.

The team's unwavering spirit and remarkable performances resulted in a well-deserved triumph. Congratulations to the ladies on their fabulous display of tennis.

The final reckoning

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