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An end-of-winter win against Woodbridge

Sharon (left) and Imogen (right, at the net) ready for action against Woodbridge

In a miraculous turn of events, Saxmundham Ladies' 2nd team finally escaped the clutches of rain to play a tennis match.

Yes, they made it onto the court for a home match against the Woodbridge Ladies 3rd team on Monday 4th March 2024 at 7pm writes team captain Nicole Hobson.

It seemed that Mother Nature finally decided to give us tennis players a break!

Sharon and Imogen played together for the first time, warming up for a long second set, and complete with a gruelling tiebreak and some epic rallies.

Meanwhile, drop-shots and cross-court magic were the order of the day for Fran and Nicole. In this, the last of the Winter league matches, two pairs play each other.

In the end, Saxmundham emerged victorious with a convincing 6-2 scoreline over the opponents, and enjoyed some great tennis along the way.

Here's to more tennis and sunnier courts for Saxmundham Ladies 2nd team in the coming months.

The no expense spared, high-tech, digital display scoreboard - go Sax Ladies!

If you're interested in playing matches this summer, please drop a quick email to and we'll forward your message to the team captains.

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