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Close games while getting soggy by the Stour

Date: Monday 1st July 2024

Fixture: Sax Ladies 2nds v Holbrook Ladies 2nds

Venue: Away game at Holbrook

Start time: 7pm

Score: Holbrook 5 - 4 Saxmundham

Match report by Jo Davies

Rain doesn't deter us! Our Ladies 2nd team L-R: Jo, Barbara, Fran, Nicole, Fiona and Jill

You've probably heard of it being foggy on the Tyne, but on Monday 1st July our Ladies 2nd team were treated to their very own Suffolk version - getting soggy on the Stour - during their away match against the Holbrook Ladies 2nd team.

Our teams were

  • Fiona and Jill

  • Fran and Barbara

  • Nicole (team captain) and Jo

We were playing within the expansive campus grounds of the Royal Hospital School - a large, independent school with naval traditions located in Holbrook on the banks of the River Stour, with incredible views and a stiff north sea breeze to match.

We had to get playing straightaway; grey rain clouds were gathering, and there were no floodlights. Just before the first set (playing three sets per pair, a set being comprised of the first pair to reach eight games) was complete, the heavens opened.

And they pretty much stayed open, with showers switching themselves on and off for the duration of the evening. Yep, we all got well soggy!

The damp conditions were enough to put one pair off, who left after the first set, awarding us with two 8-0 wins. This also meant that two pairs (Fiona and Jill, Fran and Barbara) had to sit out one set.

However, Fiona and Jill used this time very wisely, sitting in a nearby shed and sheltering from the rain while plotting their continuing world domination of the Saxmundham ladies doubles summer box league. Because readers, this summer that duo be on FIRE! 🔥

Also, unusually for the Fran/Barbara pairing there was not a tie-break in sight. Not one. Most odd!

We played some very good, fun and close games, against a friendly and capable opposition team, with lots of deuces, resulting in a close end result.

Team captain Nicole Hobson said: "We had a fab match, the rain and gloomy weather did not deter, and while we were pipped to the post with a tight result, losing 5-4, we all had fun and enjoyed the evening, and that’s what counts."

The Ladies 2nd team resume their summer campaign on Wednesday 10th July with a home game against Woodbridge.

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