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  • Nicky Wedekind

"Grace in defeat and victory"

L-R the team for this match: Jennie, Shirley, Fiona, Jill and Jo. Picture taken by team captain Nicky.

Match report by Saxmundham Ladies 2nd team captain Nicky Wedekind

On Friday 20th May, the Ladies 2nd team hosted Stowmarket Ladies 2nds.

The overall result was 7-2 to Stowmarket, and it was ultimately a well deserved victory. However, be assured that the Sax team played with great enthusiasm, with integrity and with chocolate-stained mouths after Jennie's scrumptious cake.

Jo and Jennie are relatively new to match play, but they are learning, improving and developing tactics all the time.

L-R our spectators Nico, Fran and Charlotte admirably demonstrating their support for the Ladies 2nd team

Opposition teams often find our grace in defeat and victory something of a surprise.

Jill and I played together and managed to grab a couple of sets even though Jill developed an injury during the first set.

Jo's husband Nico (one of our dedicated trio of supporters, pictured) popped home to get medication: it worked, and Jill played like a youngster for the rest of the evening.

Cake in defeat: Jennie's chocolate and Guinness cake was a triumph enjoyed by all

Our third pairing was Fiona and Shirley. Although a victory eluded them, both played with energy, intelligence and a real sense of enjoyment.

Thank you, team, for a wonderful evening. I am always so proud when I look around and see the effort and good humour of my team. They represent Saxmundham so well. Fie upon all other teams in our division.

The next Ladies 2nd team match at home is on Friday 27th May.

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