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  • Nicole Hobson

Holbrook take our home game, but a hugely enjoyable evening

Match report by Nicole Hobson, Ladies 2nd team captain.

Thank you so much to the Sax Ladies 2nd team, who turned out on a very cold evening on Friday 12th February to play tennis at home against Holbrook.

It was such a lovely evening of tennis, with a friendly bunch and some great games.

Thank you especially to ⁨Shirley Marfleet⁩ who played amazingly with myself, and to our second team stars Fran Paul and ⁨Barbara Barker⁩. We lost 1-7, which happens to be the reverse of when we went to them - but who cares. We turned up, we played, we had fun, and we lost with grace!

They had a 16- and a 17-year-old playing. They really were amazing players. It just makes me wish I’d started playing when I was young! Thanks again all.

We have two more matches remaining in the winter league, and then the summer league gets underway - something we're looking forward to very much.

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