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Men's 1st team breaks Copleston voodoo

Our Men's 1st team broke their 'Copleston voodoo' on Monday 17 May, and edged towards a 6v3 victory against YM Tennis.

Always a tough place to play, with its 'interesting' bouncing sandy carpet courts, it took our team a while to adjust, especially with rain making it skiddy and tricky to time shots.

Despite James spending more time on the floor, both he and Dom managed to win all three sets, in what was the only difference between the two teams in the end.

With the bounce remaining pretty unpredictable throughout all three sets, myself and Anthony decided to take it out of the equation, and instead hustle straight up to the net at every given opportunity. This tactic worked beautifully! We both managed plenty of cute volleying angles, backed-up with some solid serving, resulting in only five games dropped on the night.

It was a tough night for Ewan and Roger, who struggled to adapt to the not-so-magic-carpet; however, they played much better than the scoreline reads, and along with Dom and James were brave enough to continue throughout the rain unlike myself and Anthony. (New haircut, didn't want to get it damp :)

Our next game will be home to Holbrook, and we'll seriously attempt to make that three wins from three!

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