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Men's 1st team winning streak finally broken after Ipswich battle

Ipswich came off the 5-4 winners in a tight affair away to Henley Road on Tuesday 13 July 2021. It was a great game all round, but yet again Saxmundham struggled with their age old nemesis, the mighty astroturf...

The match of the night goes to Ian and Roger, who edged a thriller 9-7 in a tie break with Roger hitting the winning shot almost like a boomerang, with the drop shot nearly having enough spin to join him back on his side of the net.

Unfortunately, the senior team would peak too early (after a long first set it was way past their bedtime) and despite battling hard would succumb to the final two matches.

Dom and James would also go on to win one out of three, and like the rest of the team, they also massively struggled to adapt to the low skiddy surface.

Ewan and Matt would go on to have slightly more luck, winning the latter two fairly comfortably, but they struggled to get going to start with. Despite a strong comeback from 7-4 down, they would go on to lose 9-7 after a 'mare of a service game from the captain!

It was a tough defeat; especially with the absence of two and a half key players, but well played Ipswich for a very strong showing - which puts both teams now level at the top with six wins and one defeat.

The final game of the season will be a curtain-closer against YM Tennis at home, a win should guarantee us the top spot, as hopefully we'll have a superior set difference to Ipswich.

Watch this space...

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