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Sax tennis social results in Thai break

Report by John Wellsted, Saxmundham Tennis Club member

A small group of club members and partners recently enjoyed a wonderful July evening at the Singtong Neeyom, a traditional Thai Restaurant run by a husband and wife team in Halesworth.

The menu was extensive, and the food expertly prepared to order, beautifully presented, and absolutely delicious.

Equally as important, the somewhat pedestrian ‘speed of service’ provided us all with ample opportunity for introductions, general chit-chat and laughter, as we all celebrated being able to eat indoors and share a table of more than six persons!

A great time was had by all and rumour has it there’ll be another opportunity to experience some alternate local cuisine later in the year.

Thai break: pictured clockwise L-R are Martin, Maureen, John, Ken, Sharon, Karen and Johnny

An additional footnote from our roving reporter... It transpires that John doesn’t get out very much and is generally unfamiliar with world cuisine. Having arrived early at the restaurant, John perused the menu with a hawk-eye and was rather disappointed with the choices available. "I’m in a bit of a spin because I really love lamb," he thought. Having been told that a chop was out of the question, he could alternatively have a slice of leftover game pie served with a seeded bagel.

At this, John rather lost his grip and let go with a volley of abuse as he began to scratch his head. "What’s the point?" he exclaimed. "It’s not my fault, I’m very upset and definitely not up to eating anything other than lamb." Continuing to make a right old racket he added: "If you can’t match my culinary expectations, I think it best that I pass altogether."

But it all worked out to John’s advantage, because the restaurant was quick to rally with a kind and generous offer. "If you walkover here", said the owner, "I will pass you a deuce and a chip or two". "That’s very thoughtful" said John, "but I still have to wait 15-30 or possibly 30-40 minutes before my friends arrive, so I’d actually prefer a gin and a scotch."

He added: "I was going to say make them both singles but with a promise that I will return in the future and not say bye-bye immediately, perhaps you could make them doubles?" This explains why on arrival, friends court John already sitting alone at the table with drink in hand. You must decide if that makes him a winner or a loser.

(Enough! Get thee to a punnery, John! - Ed.)

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