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Saxmundham Ladies 1st Team - summer league end of season match report from team captain

Our Ladies 1st team after the Stowmarket match at home

Since my last report we have played all our matches except Felixstowe, who cancelled due to the World Cup. We couldn't reorganised a match, as come August we both struggled to get a team as most of their players work in hospitality and August is the busiest time.

Here's a roundup of other matches played:

Creekers away - final score 4-5 to Creekers
Doubles pairs: Jackie and Mags, Lisa and Sophia, Cornelia and Lucy

A very chilly evening and lots of flying insects as courts are deep into Martlesham Creek which is not fun when they are dive-bombing you when serving! Cornelia found this particularly, as it is worse there on some courts. We had a close match, as you can see from the result, and we all enjoyed the games and look forward to playing Creekers again in the Winter league. One very nice consolation was a post-match beer or glass of wine in the Clubhouse.

Ipswich home - final score 5-4 to Saxmundham Doubles pairs: Mags and Jackie, Lisa and Nicky, Fiona and Barbara

A good evening weather-wise, and unfortunately, we had to claim one set as one player on the opposition got very lost and was very late. We didn't want to! But everyone agreed that we should including the opposition.

Ipswich away - final score 6-3 to Ipswich
Doubles pairs: Lisa and Jacqui, Fran and Helen, Fiona and Barbara

Mags and I were unable to play as we were playing in an annual Charity tournament at Wortham, but I was told that everyone enjoyed the match. Ipswich is a good venue, which involves playing on Astro courts which I think is great to play on. Congratulations to Lisa and Jacqui who won all three sets!

Stowmarket home - final score 5-4 to Saxmundham Doubles pairs: Jacqui and Lisa, Jackie and Sophia, Fran and Wendy

This was a tight match, and well done to Wendy for turning out with a broken toe after her horse had accidentally trodden on it – a real trojan!

Many thanks to all that supported the Saxmundham Ladies 1st team this summer

Jackie Quilley - Team Captain, Ladies 1st team

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