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Steady Start to the Summer Season

Saxmundham Men's 1 kicked off life in Division 2 with a mixed start with one win and one lose in a couple of battling matches.

29/05/24 Woodbridge 1 away

5v4 Win to Saxmundham


Matt Last + Ewan Threadkell

Chris Hirst + Cameron Threadkell

Giles Piercy + Gerard van Tonder (on 1's debut)

First game of the season was a tight affair against Woodbridge with myself and Ewan winning three sets and Chris and Cameron digging deep to earn the team the win by winning 2/3 sets. Giles and Gerard would battle hard and impressively take four games of the top seeds. Great start plus also the first win in division two for a Saxmundham men's summer side.

03/06/24 Ipswich 2 Home

4v5 Lose to Ipswich


Matt Last + Ewan Threadkell

Chris Hirst + Cameron Threadkell

James Fox + Roger Challis

Another very close affair that lead to a very late night with a 10:15pm finish! Chris and Cameron would again be the pair of the night by winning 2/3 and setting up the chance of a win for the team. Sadly this was squandered by Matt and Ewan on what was mostly a comfortable night having won 8v2, 8v3 and flew to a 6v2 lead before very quickly turning into a nightmare performance where we'd ultimately lose on a tiebreak resulting in a 5v4 lose on the night.........

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