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Strong Kesgrave pair faces down Sax Ladies' 2nds

Slices and zingers: Barbara and Sharon go for it, despite tough opposition

On Friday 22nd March our Ladies 2nd team played a rearranged match against opponents Kesgrave at home, one of the last matches of the winter season, writes Fran Paul.

It was all looking good until the opposition said they could only bring one pair!

Luckily for us they still wanted to play, however, unluckily for us they were a very strong pair...

Shirley and Fran were up first, with Shirley getting back what looked liked winning shots and Fran just trying to keep up with her.

Our next pairing, Sharon and Barbara - faced with a late start against a couple that were already well warmed-up and ready to go - nevertheless produced some low slicing (from Sharon) and some forehand zingers (from Barbara) and all of us managed to get some games off them.

We played a lovely opposition team, and the evening saw some great tennis, albeit the final score didn't reflect the tight games - but no tie-breaks this week. The final overall score was a tie, as we were four games in hand.

Fran and Shirley: Ladies 2nd team troopers

A great night of tennis, and we're all looking forward to playing in warmer weather.

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