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  • Jo Davies

The B team stays cool as temperatures rise

On Thursday 10 June, our Lowestoft league B team - Nicole and Roger C, and Nicky and James - played against Bungay in an away game.

The matches followed the usual Lowestoft league format of mixed doubles, then ladies and men's doubles.

Our opponents were a nice, friendly team and it turned out to be a very enjoyable evening of tennis for all - with no small thanks to iced water supplied by Nicky to keep everyone cool in the stifling summer heat! (Remember that?!)

It was also a successful campaign, with our team winning 6 out of 8 sets, resulting in a final score of 6-2; with a particularly strong performance by crosscourt queen Nicole, who managed to win in all four sets she played.

Our other team members won one set each.

The next match is Monday 21 June at home.

Pictured: Nicole and James.

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