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60-second interview with Nicole Hobson, Welfare Officer

Tell us a bit about your involvement with the club

I joined in 2001with Jo Davies; we used to play on the top court on our own, practising until we had the confidence to join in with the rest of the club, as we were embarrassed by our tennis abilities!

With practice, our confidence grew, and we started joining in with club sessions, and then later I started playing in some matches. I then became the club's Welfare Officer in 2018.

What first attracted you to playing tennis?

My mother always played tennis, and even though I never played as a child, I spent many hours hanging around tennis clubs, so that early exposure must have planted seeds of interest! Moving to Suffolk, and having a court nearby – and meeting a friend who wanted to play too – gave me the push to get a racket and start playing!

Tell us about a few of your tennis successes…

I'm a bit lacking in this area for actual achievements! However, tennis for me is about enjoyment – I play in some matches, obviously don’t play to lose, but for me it's about fun first – as long as tennis is fun, then it’s a success for me. I find tennis a great de-stressor after work!

What would you say to anyone who wants to improve their game?

Sign up to the active club WhatsApp group. Generally there are always members looking to play a game. Also practice! We now have a hitting wall, so anyone can have a practice even on their own. But most of all have fun.

If you can afford a few coaching sessions, sign up. Matt's a great and committed coach. Finally there are group coaching sessions run by Matt, which are great for any level of player, and always great for picking up some skills and tips.

And finally, name three things you love about playing

It's fun, it's sociable, and it's a great way to exercise.

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