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A drizzly loss, but spirits not dampened

Friday 14 May 2021 saw the second match for the new Ladies 2nd team at 7pm, this time a home game against Holbrook, on an intermittently drizzly night.

Despite a very good effort - and a notable dazzling first match debut from Jenny P, whose speed and agility left few shots unreturned - the friendly and skilful Holbrook ladies proved the better team on the night, leading us to a 3 v 6 loss.

But our spirits were far from dampened, and we have some great takeaways from this match.

There was supremely consistent play from Fran and awesome all-round performance from our relative club newcomer, Cornelia. Nicky and Jenny proved tough opponents with Nicky's supercharged cross-court volleys and Jenny's pace.

Plus, we were lucky to witness again some gold-plated signature killer backhand slices from Fiona, many of them coming from deep into the court (how does she do that?) and Jo managed to put away a few tidy volleys after some long rallies (thanks for the training, Matt!)

Ending the evening with some chitchat over KitKats, we agreed it was a fun and rewarding night, despite losing. We got out and played for our great club, and of course, there were winners and losers - that's tennis, isn't it?!

Pic: four of the Ladies 2nd team, L-R: Fran, Cornelia, Fiona and Jo

The Ladies 2nd team's next game is on Thursday 20 May, away to Bramford.

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