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A spooky darkness descends on Friday the Thirteenth...

Match: Saxmundham Ladies' 2nd team v Ipswich Ladies 2nd team

Date: 13 January 2023

Venue: Home

Final score: 5-1 to Ipswich (but we couldn't finish, see below!)

It may have been a Friday night in January, but there was a welcome respite to the recent iciness that had landed itself uninvited everywhere; the

Smiling brighter than the lights! The Ladies 2nd team L-R: Fran, Wendy, Jennie and Sharon (front)

two teams being met with dry and cool - but not freezing cold - conditions for this first home game of the new year.

However, the sense of foreboding - the date being Friday 13th - wasn't to avail itself in full until the four players and four opposition, armed with new balls, managed to get two sets into the match.

Jennie and Sharon finished their first two sets, then Wendy and Fran finished theirs shortly after

And then... with the score standing at 3 sets to 1 to Ipswich all the lights went out! Matchplay plunged into darkness and there was much consternation, but eventually we got the lights on Court 1 on, and Wendy and Fran went back out - only to lose the next two sets.

At that point we gave up as it was getting late. The evening included some lovely tennis but Sharon and Jennie didn't get to continue play.

Better luck next time ladies and thank you for some lovely tennis.

As at 25th January the lights have been temporarily fixed on all three courts - Ed.

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