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Another Sax win in Ipswich league mixed doubles

Our first mixed match was on Wednesday 19 May at home playing against Adastral Park (BT) team. And we won!

After 5pm, having spoken to Alan (their captain) as the weather was looking very suspect, he said they were happy to play the match, as the weather forecast was looking promising for 7pm.

This decision is normally left to the away team, as they're the ones travelling.

Then, at 6pm onwards the skies erupted and there was thunder and lightning (Archie, my collie, was very unhappy about it, as he is with fireworks).

However, when we arrived at the courts in Sax it had thankfully subsided, and there was amazing sunshine. And, the opposition reported seeing beautiful rainbows on their journey to Sax. Thankfully, the BBC online weather report was spot on.

I was pleased to welcome Anthony, a new member to the team, who I partnered, and we managed to win two sets convincingly, as did Matt and Nicole.

Roger and Mags secured the one crucial set - to give us the overall win of 5v4.

Thank you to everyone who played; our next match is 27 May, an away match against YM.

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