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Box League 2020 entries now open

Inter club tournament available for all members to enter. Round robin format with hopefully more than one group per competition with winners of the group (maybe runners up) going into Finals day on the 23rd August.

Competition will run April 8th til August 9thgiving you plenty of time to fit in your matches which will roughly equate to one match a month per competition entered. £2.50 per entry which will go fully towards trophies and hopefully a shield.

Entries for pairs event is also £2.50 per player, when entering please stipulate who your intended partner is or if you’d like a partner at random. Please also leave your preferred contact details. Simply email to enter plus i'll get some sign up sheets printed off and placed on the noticeboard in the clubhouse.

All entries in before the the 31st March please.

Available Competitions;

  • Mixed Doubles

  • Men's Doubles

  • Ladies Doubles

  • Ladies Singles

  • Men's Singles

  • Senior Singles (60+ for male or female)

Format and Rules Matches are to be organised and played at your own leisure therefore it’s up to you to contact those who are in your group to get the matches arranges. Contacts will be emailed out before the start of the competition.

No points can be claimed for unplayed matches so please get them played before the 9th August. Each match will be first to two sets (normal sets) with 2 points going to the winner and a bonus point for the losing player/pair if they won a set.

Regardless of results, please keep the 23rd August free as we’ll also run a social tournament in line with finals day to make a proper day of it.

Keep up to date with results, tables and fixtures by going to;

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