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  • Jo Davies

Courts and clubhouse get a spring makeover

On Saturday 22nd April members of Saxmundham Tennis Club launched their new season's campaign against the enemy.

But this time, there wasn't a tennis racket in sight.

This campaign was a war against dirt and grime, and the result was Sax 1, Dirt nil, thanks to our crack squad of spring cleaners. The courts and clubhouse really did need a spruce-up, and it was good to see a band of energetic volunteers respond to the call for help and take to the task.

Volunteers were justly rewarded with an amazing array of Fiona's cakes - what more payment could anyone want?

The results are great.

Well done to the volunteers, Frances Paul, Fran Cousins, Steve Hood, Jackie Quilley, Nicole Hobson, Jill Sedge, Sharon Buxton, Roger Challis, and Lawrence and Jane Killian. (And Evie for moral support.)

Thanks to Nicole who took a few pics on the day.

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