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High drama by the high seas against Southwold

On a balmy bank holiday Monday evening, 31 May, the Saxmundham mixed doubles B team had its first outing in the Lowestoft league versus one of the many Southwold teams.

Quick explainer: This league plays two sets mixed, then two sets women or men.

As battle commenced, it became apparent that one crew member was carrying a war wound, however, as we well know, an injured wild animal can be at its most dangerous.

And, so it proved with James and Nicky racing through the first set.

On the other court things were going smoothly, with Nicole and Roger coasting through the first set. For one young Southwold crew member, it all became a bit too much when playing against Nicky and James; and regrettably, a few tears were shed.

But, in the true spirit of Saxmundham tennis club, and some encouraging words from the Southwold team, Nicky and James eased off the pedal enough to make the second set more fun.

After all, isn’t that what tennis is all about?

Meanwhile, on court two Nicole was delivering an unprecedented array of deft volleys and overhead winners. Thanks for carrying your captain through!

Moving on to the men’s and the mixed sets; our wounded fox was now in no mood for messing about. "Let’s get this done!" was the battle cry.

And so it proved, with hardly a moment to glance across and see how the ladies were doing, we’d won 6-0, 6-0!

Finally having a chance to catch up on the ladies last few games, Saxmundham power duo Nicole and Nicky were enjoying themselves so much I wondered if they’d forgotten it was a match!

But in the end, with both sets neatly in the bag, and the ladies coming off court all smiles, we had secured an 8-0 win for Saxmundham.

A wonderful end to a gorgeous bank holiday - happy days!

Pictured: Southwold Pier [the team were having too much fun to take a photo, Ed.]

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