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Ipswich inflict a smashing on Sax

Match: Ipswich 1st vs Sax Men's 1st at Henley Road, Ipswich

League and Division: Ipswich and District Winter League, Division One

Date: Monday 10th October 2022

Team: Matt + Ewan and Chris + Anthony

Result: 8-0 to Ipswich

This was a historic day for the club: the first outing in the Men's Winter Division One and maybe a match that won't last too long in the memory, reports Matt Last, captain of the Saxmundham Men's 1st Team.

After the highs of the last few campaigns, Sax were sent smashing back to earth with a real humbling by a fantastic Ipswich team.

With the usual Sax line up of Matt, Ewan, Chris and Anthony, it would be a tough but enjoyable night regardless, with both pairs feeling like they played OK, despite the team going on to lose 8-0.

The Ipswich astroturf is certainly our achilles heel; however we were pretty sure the result would have been exactly the same regardless of what was underfoot.

Ipswich showed no mercy and the scorecards were dotted with the score lines of 1-6 and 2-6... So the win was fully deserved on their part, with precise serving and clinical volleying throughout.

This was always going to be a free hit, away to their first team, therefore we'll hopefully move quickly on, and try to get our first points of the season at home to their second team - who also, incidentally, got promoted alongside us last season into Division Two.

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