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Ladder League 2021-22 now underway

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

The Ladder League for club singles players is here to get people playing over the winter, it's now underway and will run until Thursday 31 March 2022.

Page updated: Tuesday 9 November 2021

​Format and rules: 

  1. Singles matches, best of three tie break sets. One ladder for men and one ladder for ladies.

  2. A ladder will be displayed on this webpage (below) showing all the player names, when players win a match against somebody above them – they switch places on the ladder.

  3. Players must organise with other players to play matches in their own time.

  4. Players challenge each other in order to move up the ladder. You may challenge anyone else on the ladder, up to and including three places above you. It is up to the challenger to make contact with their opponent.

  5. To encourage participation, you must play at least one match per season (once every three weeks) or move down two places on the leaderboard.

  6. If you challenge up and beat your opponent you will take their spot and they will go down one spot. If the lower ranked challenger loses, both players remain where they are.

  7. Players should not refuse a challenge from a player below. If players continue to refuse challenges or are unable to play matches they should be removed from the ladder or moved down a set number of places.

  8. The winner is the person at the top of the ladder on the finish date the organiser set.

  9. A player who is challenged must agree to a match with the challenger no later than two weeks after the challenge has been made unless:

a. The challenged player has already played twice this season

b. The challenged player is unable to play due to injury, holiday etc.

c. The two players cannot mutually agree on a date and time for a match.

10. The challenger is responsible for providing reasonable tennis balls for the match.

11. It's the responsibility of the winner of the match to report the score on the dedicated WhatsApp Page Ladder League (men's or ladies).

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