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Keeping a cool head at Kesgrave

Match report by Nicole Hobson, Saxmundham Ladies 2nd Team Captain

Left to right: Nicole, Jane and Fran

It was Monday 21st February when Saxmundham Ladies 2nd team played Kesgrave Ladies 2nd team away, and oh, what a night!

The rain was falling full-on by the time the weather forecast got round to saying it would be dry with a bit of drizzle; with no warning we'd get absolutely soaked through!

Anyway we turned up, and we played in the rain, luckily with only one stop of play - when it really did rain hard!

Fran in action on the court

And we got a great result.

New club member Jane, in her debut match for Saxmundham Ladies 2nd Team, played amazingly well, partnering Fran; the opponents certainly saw some powerful volleys.

Nicky and Nicole also enjoyed four powerful games, with Nicky placing some excellent spinny shots and confusing her opponents.

They were a friendly team, although they did try to get us to play at first with used match balls! We were having none of it and complained so they obliged, popping open some new cans.

It's important not to lose your head when serving

Another highlight of the night was seeing their Cardio Tennis serving target, a large head (NB: not a real one) sitting there on court. FYI, at Saxmundham, Matt's Cardio Tennis sessions deploy the more typically regulation orange cones.

Final scores

We also appreciated seeing the life-size cardboard cut out of Roger Federer in their club house, quite an inspiration!

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