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Ladies 1st team secures a stunning 9-0 victory away against Stowmarket

Wednesday 26 May saw our Ladies 1st team play an away game against Stowmarket.

How we laughed, as it would have been good if their bubble had still been up! It was an extremely damp and cold night with the threat of rain at one point. It certainly doesn't feel like we're playing in the summer league!

But I'm very pleased to report we secured a 9-0 victory, with very enjoyable games played in the best of spirits.

Mags and I played third, but we think we had their number one pair first, as we were on court for at least an hour and had loads of deuces, finally winning 9-7. Jacqui said she thought we wore them out for their match. Because of this, Mags and I played continuously for two and half hours and didn't have time to socialise with the opposition - sorry that other members of the team had to wait to play, but c’est la vie!

Cornelia had her first outing to Stowmarket, didn't see much but a drive through, but did enjoy the scenic route there via Earl Soham. Lisa and Jacqui played together, and Nicole kindly played for Lucy (due to Lucy having a calf injury) with Cornelia.

Everyone played brilliantly to secure such a win, and thank you all for playing.

Our next match is the return match against Creekers on Thursday 10 June and we're hoping that Lucy’s calf injury has recovered by then. I also look forward to welcoming Sofia in her debut appearance for the Ladies 1st team. It will be fun for her to play at Creekers, and as always it will be a good, hard fought, but enjoyable match like the home one we played, and we hope to secure a win again – fingers crossed.

It's great for us all to be back playing matches after such weird and challenging times.

Pictured L-R our victorious ladies first team: Nicole, Mags, Jackie, Jacqui, Lisa, Cornelia.

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