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Ladies 2nd team end the season on a high note

Let them eat cake! Another tense tie-break ensues

Match report by Ladies 2nd team captain, Nicole Hobson

Friday 25th March 2022 was the date, 7pm was the time, Saxmundham Tennis Club was the venue, and Wortham was the opposition.

This was the final match for our inaugural Saxmundham Ladies 2nd team, playing in the Ipswich and District winter floodlit league.

It was a lovely evening for tennis and I'm pleased to report that the opposition were very friendly and sportswomen-like indeed; line calls were honest, and all in all the two teams of four enjoyed a lovely, fun evening of tennis.

In keeping with tradition, Fiona and Barbara had two tie breaks - following a vast amount of tie-breaks that Barbara has had to encounter all season. This meant on the night they had some really long games, while Nicky and I looked on, scoffing delicious cake made by Fiona, who was at the same time battling on court.

The final score on the night saw Nicole and Nicky win three sets, and Fiona and Barbara two, a final score of 5-3 to Saxmundham. It was a really high note to end on, and a great reward for the team to finish the winter season with a win.

What a first year for the new Ladies 2nd team it's been. We've established the team with a focus on encouraging those Saxmundham women players, who want to play matches for fun, to do so without the pressure of feeling we have to win. We're in it to enjoy it!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to you all the players who've made up this winter team, following our summer success. It’s been such a fun year of tennis, and great for our club. Long may it continue.

We have a special get-together on Friday 22nd April to celebrate the season, for all or any ladies in the team to come along (see our WhatApp group).

I'm really looking forward to the summer season already, gang!

Keep playing and enjoying your tennis ☺️

Nicole x

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