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Men's 1s kick off their summer schedule

5th June Home

Sax 1s vs David Lloyd's 2s

Sax 9v0 win


Matt / Ewan

James / Chris

Martin / Roger

Following promotion last summer it had a been a long time coming since a Sax men's team had been at the dizzy heights of Div 3! With Martin freshly back from London coming in to replace the stricken Anthony it was a very strong looking squad to the start the season with. Roared on by a huge crowd following at Carlton Park (five and the odd dog passing dog walker...) the age old paring of Matt and Ewan won't take long to dissipate the winter blues following relegation from the winter league and would go on to win all three sets dropping only six games in the process.

James and Chris would continue the trend and fairly comfortably claim all three of their sets. With the match in the bag and having already won two sets, it was down to Roger and Martin to get the clean sweep! What a set it would be too with immense play both sides of the net and ultimately decided by fine margins in the tie break luckily in the favour of the Sax pair to complete the 9v0. Not a bad a way to start the season!

14th June Away

Sax 1s vs Stowemarket 2

Sax 3v6 Loss


Matt / Chris

Roger / James

David / Woody (1s debut)

With Anthony still injured and Ewan reaching the top of selves at Waitrose it was for our super subs David and Woody to jump in and make their first appearance of the season. Following a strong start of the season with the 2s, it was a deserved call up for Woody's 1s debut. Would be a tough evening for the pair with Stowemarket fielding three strong pairs, one including our very own former coach John 'traitor' Adams.

James and Roger would play John and his young up and coming partner first. Been a good seven years since he left his role to further his carer however he took no time in dismantling the Sax pair 8v1. James and Roger would bounce back strongly though in the set of the match against the Stowemarkets first pair. In a cracking set the Sax pair managed to unsettle their opponents and almost grab a brilliant win only to be narrowly undone in the tie break. Their final set would be one to forgot, with defeat already confirmed and clearly still reeling from the tie break heartbreak they unfortunately succumbed to a 8v1 loss which I'm sure would have been different had Sax still been in the game.

Matt and Chris would staggered out the blocks and start their first extremely slowly, very quickly finding themselves 5v1 down with a mixture of serving and volleying excellent from the opposition and cheap unforced errors of the Sax pairs rackets. A change of tactics was in order which saw alot of lobbing off the oppositions serves to find a way into the point which opened up the oppositions almost one and only weakness, the smash. With the opposition well aware of the tactic and claiming they we're playing 'grandads tennis' they thought they'd better use this some more at the very least to wind them up further. From 5v1 down they'd finally find some form, with plenty of lobs, quality serving and clinical smashing from their end they managed to battle back to win 8v6. Second set would be more comfortable at 8v2 before the blockbuster final set saw the former pupil take on his mentor. Having been John's assistant for several years plus doubles partner for numerous matches it was a hotly anticipated re-union that result in a entertaining set full of quality which the Sax pair would take 8v5.

June 22nd Away

Sax 1 vs Woodbridge 1

Sax 6v3 win


Chris / Anthony

Matt / Andrew S

Roger / James

With Anthony freshly back from a spell out injured he jumped straight back into the team with Andrew also making the cut who was back for a few days for a break from coaching in London. On another cracking night for tennis with almost perfect conditions, well minus the ever annoying thunderflies anyway.... In a tightly fought affair, Sax would end up on top with a 6v3 victory and start the season with two wins out of three.

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