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Men's 1st team dish out a proper schooling

Despite extreme pressure, and quality play from the opposition, our own Men's 1st team came out on top on Monday 7 May with a 6v3 victory from their away game against Holbrook.

The venue was the immaculate Royal Hospital School grounds.

Again, our Men's 1st team came into this game in less than ideal circumstances, with one team member not turning up, leaving a last minute dash to find a replacement.

Luckily, David McGowan saved the day and jumped in at the last second to give us a full squad.

Plus, he was on hand to dash the majority of the team up to Holbrook in what seemed like just a few minutes...

Despite their valiant efforts, our super substitute and Roger, unfortunately, lost their three sets but nevertheless enjoyed their night out, and probably deserved more games on the board.

Ewan and Anthony's pairing started off fairly slowly before exploding into life to come back from 6v3 down to win the set of the night 9v7 against a very tricky pair. The same Holbrook pair would go on to steamroll the next two sets with heavy hitting from both players.

The same pair also gave myself (Matt) and Chris a run for our money, leading 6v4 at one point.

Fortunately, we avoided a potential banana skin despite my best efforts - and after literally standing on a banana skin! (Weirdly enough, this was the second time one of us has trodden on Anthony's mid-match snack in as many matches!)

Our catalyst for the comeback came in the form of a breathtaking low crosscourt volley after having the ball pummelled at me from point blank range!

The evening saw another stunning performance from Chris, despite what seems like 20+ racket strings broken this month alone, leaving him playing with his spare additional back-up supplementary alternative racket.

So our Men's 1st team march on yet, and we'll be looking to make it five wins out of five when we play at home to Ipswich next week.

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