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Men's 1st team: the clash for the top spot is getting closer

Match report from Monday 14 June 2021: Men's 1st team home game against Ipswich in the Ipswich and District summer league (Division 4).

The scorecard (pictured) tells an interesting story; it means our men's 1st team is now top of the table clash in this league.

This match produced a convincing result, and there's not much more to add, other than it's possible we may have had a clean sweep if it wasn't for dropping a very close set 6-8.

Well played, Saxmundham.

So, with only three more matches to go until we can secure that potential world-beating first place and bask in the ensuing glory (sadly this year there isn't even a trophy) there's everything to keep playing for.

Up next is our return leg to Hadleigh, playing an away game at the start of July.

Wish us luck!

Pictured: scribbled results of a convincing win.

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