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Mix n' match adds some spice as two become one

The 2nd team sport post-match smiles with some of the 1st team (boy, this gets confusing!)

Match: Sax Ladies 1st team v Saxmundham Ladies 2nd team

League: Ipswich and District Winter League

Date: Wednesday 10th May 2023

Venue: Saxmundham

Result: 3-6 win for Sax 2nd

As the Spice Girls famously sang in 1998: "Say you believe it, say you believe it; Free your mind of doubt and danger; Be for real, don't be a stranger; We can achieve it, we can achieve it, ... 'Cause tonight is the night when two become one..."

Echoes of the Spice Girls' lyrics were certainly present on the evening of Wednesday 10th May, when, in a rare double home game the Saxmundham Ladies 1st team met the 2nd team.

It was truly a question of mix n'match, and in some ways, two becoming one, as the combined Sax Ladies' teams demonstrated their very own brand of girl power.

The result was a highly enjoyable evening of tennis by all accounts - but it also highlighted some of the misgivings many of us lesser mortals might have about ever taking up the mantle of 'team captain' when it comes to getting a team together...

Here are the match reports from the two captains - enjoy!

Jackie Quilley (captain, Ladies 1st team)

Sax A played the first ladies match of the season against Sax B last night. It was a struggle for the first team A captain Jackie to get players due to only two A team players being available Jackie and Jacqui out of the six required.

We as as a team voted to have four players in the Summer like the Winter League but this was not the consensus of the club. Mags was unavailable due to Suffolk Show meetings and Gen and Lisa are injured at present and hopefully will be playing again soon.

The A team this Summer like last Summer is struggling to get competitive players who are available for the A team on a regular basis. Calling all lady players that wish to have a hard-fought game and fun but with a competitive edge just like the men’s three teams.

Fran's impressive serve takes the spotlight

Hence the B team captain Nicole picked her six players Nicole and Wendy; Fiona and Fran; Barbara and Sharon and a reserve, Jo. Consequently, we struggled to get four more Saxmundham ladies to help.

Thank you to the lady players who did: Lyn and Jane; Shirley and Jenny. Shirley and Jenny are normally B team players and Jane is normally an avid golfer and so it was good of her to play tennis when she much prefers golf, and Lyn does not normally play very often in matches and had a longer journey from Orford.

Sadly, our team was in Division 2 and holding our own but now we have been relegated the last two years when we lost Nicole and Nicky, our third pair as they formed the B team, and we have not found replacements.

I am very happy the B team are having fun, and we do as well, but would prefer to play back in our old higher divisions. At present, this is somewhat unlikely as we need to source regular players again to achieve this goal. I have asked Matt the coach to let us know if he gets anyone that would be suitable and hopefully the Big Tennis Weekend on 20th and 21st May will bring new match players to the club.

The result was, Jacqui and Jackie (captain) won their three sets convincingly 8-3, 8-0, 8-0 as we are playing in a division due to circumstances that we should not really be in.

Fiona and Fran (B team) versus Jenny and Shirley (A, normally B team) had a marathon last match, and it went to a tie-break, with Fiona and Fran just pipping them to the post. Well done Fiona and Fran for an epic match.

We were extremely lucky with the weather, as rain was forecast and towards the end of the evening the sky was very threatening but nothing materialised. Fiona provided her legendary cakes, Sharon made us all a cup of tea, and a fun enjoyable evening was had by all.

Nicole Hobson (captain, Ladies 2nd team)

In an exhilarating tennis showdown, the Ladies 1st team went head-to-head against the Ladies 2nd team on Wednesday 10th May, at home.

The Ladies 2nd team, known for their spirited approach to the game with a motto of "having fun" certainly brought their enthusiasm and determination to the match.

Meanwhile, the Ladies 1st team received a helping hand from 2nd teamers Jennie and Shirley, who stepped up to play for them. Both Jennie and Shirley showcased their remarkable speed and agility, darting around the court and retrieving every shot with astonishing quickness.

Fiona at the net with a backhand slice! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!

The Ladies 2nd team's commitment to enjoying the game shone through in their approach to each shot. Their positive energy propelling them forward, as they demonstrated a keen understanding of court positioning and executed some very impressive shots.

However, the Ladies 1st team, bolstered by Jennie and Shirley's exceptional performance, made sure that the match was far from one-sided.

They showcased their own skills, pushing their opponents to the limit with relentless shot-making and unwavering determination, finishing with a tie break against Fin and Fran.

Jacqui and Jackie were a powerful duo, not losing a set.

In the end, the Ladies 2nd team emerged victorious, securing a hard-fought victory with a score of 6 games to 3. Their spirited approach to the game, along with their well-rounded skills, proved to be the winning combination on the night, against the formidable Ladies 1st team.

Following the match, Fiona’s assortment of cakes ended an enjoyable evening of tennis.


Note from the Editor

Well done to all of the players, who play in one or both teams, for taking part. Without players there are no matches, it's as simple as that.

And thank you to both team captains Jackie and Nicole for their reports. It's a bit like buses. No reports for weeks then two come along at once. If any other team captains would like to write a few lines about any recent matches - please do, and email it to


Note to all members

Do you want to play more competitive tennis? We compete in the Ipswich and District Winter and Summer leagues, and the Lowestoft Summer League. We have three mens', two ladies' and two mixed teams during the Winter and three mens', two ladies' and two mixed teams during the Summer.

If you'd like to be considered for men's team selection please email the club we will pass on your details to the relevant captains.

If you're interested in playing in the ladies teams please contact Jackie Quilley to play in 1st team or Nicole Hobson to play in 2nd team

If you are interested in playing, but not sure which team to join please contact Fiona Foreman, club secretary:

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