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Racket Range and Accessories

Return to the court in style with a range of rackets and accessories available from the ClubShop. All items sold are directly from HEAD and range from performance rackets like the legendary new PRESTIGE MP Racket (£165) to the perfect adult starter racket the MX SPARK ELITE for only £45. All items come with free delivery.

Current Adult Rackets in stock

HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Lite (265g) - £80 (was £140)

HEAD RADICAL MP USED DEMO (295g) - £80 (was £195)

HEAD MGX 3 unused DEMO - £80 (was £180)

HEAD MGX 5 unused DEMO - £80 (was £180)

HEAD IG Challenge Pro (295g) - £60 (was £95)

HEAD IG Challenge Lite (260g) - £55 (was £85)

HEAD MX SPARK TOUR (275g) - £50 (was £70)

HEAD MX SPARK ELITE (265g) - £45 (was £65)

Current Junior Rackets in stock

HEAD SPEED 26inch - £60.00

HEAD RADICAL 23inch or 25inch NEW SERIES - £30.00

HEAD RADICAL 21 inch or 25inch - £25.00

Current Accessories in stock

HEAD PRO Balls Tube of four - £6.50

Overgrip - £3.00

Replacement Grip - £5.00

Shock Absorber pack of 2 - £5.00

Wristband Blue pack of 2 - £10.00

Performance Cap Navy or White - £12.00

Performance Rackets available to order in

HEAD SPEED SERIES ranging from MP (£170) to LITE (£135)

A fast game needs a fast racket. With advanced GRAPHENE 360° technology, the new HEAD SPEED series offers incredible stability and enhanced energy transfer from racket to ball.

HEAD RADICAL SERIES ranging from MP (£160) to LITE (£135)

Ground breaking GRAPHENE touch technology for improved shock absorption and unparalleled feel, creating one of the most versatile Tennis rackets you can buy.

HEAD PRESTIGE SERIES ranging from MP (£165) to S (£150)

Absolute Precision. Equipped with ground breaking Graphene touch technology and with legendary touch and feel the new Prestige gives you total control for your game.

HEAD EXTREME SERIES ranging from MP (£135) to LITE (£115)

With advanced graphene 360° technology, unique spin grommets and an open spin pattern, the new Extreme series does one thing to the MAX.... Spin the game your way.

HEAD INSTINCT SERIES ranging from MP (£140) to LITE (£125)

Features the new Graphene 360 technology which provides greater stability and optimized energy trans-fer for more power and a gorgeous new design identity

HEAD GRAVITY SERIES ranging from TOUR (£175) to S (£150)

If it is domination you want, look no further. The GRAVITY comes with the new Graphene 360+ technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers for an enhanced flex and clean impact feel. With its distinctive flip design and a 18/20 string pattern for optimal control.

For more information or to test/have a look at any of the products drop me an email at

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