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  • Nicky Wedekind

Reserves step in to deliver a three-set triumph

Match report by Ladies 2nd team captain, Nicky Wedekind

Our final home match on Monday 20th June 2022 saw Ipswich team St Johns' 2nd team play our Ladies' 2nd team.

Both reserves were needed for this match and they (Jill and Nicky) played together in a purple patch that saw them win all three sets. Jill was very dominant, playing deep and firm baseline shots that forced the opposition to remain at the back of the court.

Nicole and Sofia played in the way you would expect: big power and talent, with a noticeable lack of seriousness. They were terrific all evening.

Fiona and Fran made up our third pair and they were predictably hard to beat, with lots of guile and spin.

The opposition’s top pair made a lot of loud grunting sounds with every shot played. Both Nicole/Sofia and Jill/Nicky found it hard to take them seriously. Jill wanted to reciprocate with sounds of her own, but then decided it wasn’t worth the effort.

We ran out winners overall, with a winning score of 5 sets to 4.

Fiona baked two marvellous cakes and we stood around eating with the opposition at the end of the evening. Sofia and Nicole mumbled something about ‘fat’ and didn’t eat any of the cake.

It was very satisfying, and all the more so being a home match.

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