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  • Nicole Hobson

Sun sets on a Sax win in Stowmarket

Date: Wednesday 24th May 2023, 7pm

Match: Saxmundham Ladies 2nd team away v Stowmarket Ladies 2nd team

League: Ipswich and District Summer League

Result: 5-4 win to Saxmundham

Match report by Ladies 2nd team Captain, Nicole Hobson

On a delightful May evening the Sax Ladies' 2nd team embarked on an away match against Stowmarket.

The team was composed of three pairings: Nicole and Jo, Fran and Sharon, Barbara and Kathy. The stage was set for an enjoyable and fun evening of tennis.

The ladies' second team finally emerged triumphant, with a final score of five sets to four, putting in some remarkable teamwork and determined efforts along the way that resulted in their hard fought victory.

Kathy gets opponents in a spin

Kathy showcased her skills with a remarkable display of spin shots; her shots gracefully sailing over the net, and confounding her opponents. Barbara, engaged in a thrilling tiebreak, ultimately emerged victorious and the duo secured an important set for the team.

Meanwhile, Fran displayed her proficiency in sharply executed slice backhands, adding a touch of finesse to her game. Her opponents found it challenging to counter her strategic shots. Sharon's forehand was also a sight to behold; she unleashed powerful shots that troubled her opponents. Her commanding performance contributed significantly to the team's overall success on the court.

At the net, Jo proved to be a formidable force, consistently delivering outstanding volleys that left the opposition scrambling to return the ball.

Friendly team dynamic

The ladies displayed great camaraderie and sportsmanship throughout the match, forming a friendly team dynamic that enhanced the enjoyment of the game. After the intense battles on the court, the two teams retreated to the welcoming confines of Stowmarket's clubhouse.

There, they were treated to a delightful spread of sandwiches and chocolate brownies, adding a sweet ending to a fantastic evening of tennis. The players relished in the company of their teammates, cherishing the moments of camaraderie with shared laughter.

In conclusion, the Ladies 2nd team's away match at Stowmarket was a resounding success: each player contributed their unique skills and talents to secure victory for the team. The enjoyable atmosphere and friendly competition made for a memorable evening, and as the sun set on the court, the team left with smiles on their faces, looking forward to their next challenge.

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