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Wortham prove a worthy opponent to our Ladies 2nd team

Fran and Barbara prepare for battle

Match report by Nicole Hobson, team captain of the Ladies 2nd team.

Brace yourself, reader, for this shocking news. Our Ladies 2nd team have, playing in the Ipswich and District Winter League on Monday 13th December, had their first defeat of the season!

It was close though - and as with so many tennis matches, the final score belies the battle - with Sax losing 3 sets to 5 - and there were so many deuce games!

The two pairings this time were myself (Nicole) and Fiona, and Fran and Barbara, with Fran kindly stepping in to play at the eleventh hour.

We had some really lovely games and the Wortham ladies were a friendly bunch. An enjoyable evening all round, which was topped-off by a lovely drive through the Suffolk countryside as we admired the twinkling Christmas lights! 🎄🎄

Well done to the ladies 2nd team for your great efforts and participation this year - here's to more in 2022!

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